Saturday, July 16, 2011

...Um, hello?...It's me, Elizabeth Rose

...And I hardly blame you if you don't recognize the name, or if you don't even see this post. I must seem a stranger to you, at least on this blog. I can't believe it's been five months since I last posted. Five months?! Where did the time go? I'm so sorry for just leaving like that. I now know how much time it takes to keep up a photography blog, especially when you are already involved with several other blogs. As you could probably guess, posting on this blog is not fitting into my schedule. So, I'm closing down The Light Through the Window. I'm not going to delete it--I may come back someday--but for now, this is what I need to do. 

I'll be sure to post lots of pictures on my literary blog. And maybe one day I'll make another photography blog. But not now. Because now is not the right time.

Thank you, and goodbye.