Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to My Window!

Welcome to The Light Through the Window! I am so pleased that you stopped by my little blog for a visit. Please click the tab titled My Story to read more about why I decided to name this blog The Light Through the Window, and what I hope for this photography blog to be.

Like the design? All credit goes to Miss Ara of My Designer Girl. I highly suggest that you purchase one of her designs--you will not, I repeat NOT be disappointed. :)

I think it is only fair to include a photo in this post, and so I shall...

This picture is perhaps my favorite of all the pictures I have ever taken. Really. :) Click here to read more  about why this bench is important to me.

Enjoy your stay!


Caroline said...

Lizzy, I LOVE it!!! The design is absolutely gorgeous...Ara's designs always take my breath away. My favorite picture is the one of the ocean in the header. I'm partial to the ocean.<3 :)
Love ya!

Grace said...

Lovely! I have as well started a photography blog! {grace-an-aspiring-photographer.blogspot.com}
May the Lord bless your talent to flourish!

Katie Krinkleberry :) said...

Pretty blog! :D
What camera do you shoot with?

Miss Elizabeth Rose said...

@Everyone ~ Thanks! You girls are sweet. :)

@Katie - I use a basic digital camera, but I'm saving up for a nicer one.

BARBIE said...

Beautiful blog. Beautiful pictures!

Alice said...

I love your photography blog:) Can't wait to see more photos..

have a great day!